I am a UI/UX designer with a decade of experience researching, designing, testing and building products. I’ve served in a variety of industries and helped grow different types of businesses that focus on everything from coffee roasters to developers. At the end of the day, my passion is crafting software that makes life easier for people.

My recent work

How good UX helps high school athletes get into college

A major challenge at CaptainU is to teach athletes how to get noticed by college coaches searching the network. This project is how we are tackling that and we've seen some promising results.

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Transforming how we ship products

Nearly 10 years’ worth of disparate design resided across multiple apps managed by multiple teams. Gross. I built a styleguide in 2 weeks that’s done the impossible: to unite design + development, helping us ship faster and better.

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Data insights from the future

At MessageBus, I helped design a way to analyze your email messaging from a customer-centric view and harvest the kind of data insights that companies will be chasing in the years to come. Here is a glimpse into those ideas.

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Evaluations to go

College coaches scouting at high school tournaments need to make a large volume of highly detailed assessments of athletes in a fast-moving environment. There’s an app for that; here’s how we built it.

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Driving engagement with a beautiful newsfeed

Our recruiting app for college coaches solves a major pain point. But big software sometimes calls for a helpful nudge to drive users to learn the process and then engage deeply—and ultimately, to succeed. We did it with this Facebook-like activity feed and a learning center.

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Demystifying technical products

Email domain reputation management: it's not intuitive, but it’s a life-or-death issue for a lot of companies. Even seasoned developers scratch their heads at this arcane corner of Internet plumbing. Here’s how I broke it down in digestible bites.

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